Gunpoint 日本語訳/Test Labs

原文 From: Julian Mayfield, East Point PD
To: Kelly Ackland, TX Fabrications

Subject: Strange requests

Kelly: obviously we're more than happy to provide security for TX Fabrications, but I'm not entirely comfortable with some of your requests.

You're welcome to make recommendations about where to assign officers with riot gear, and even specify locations you think an intruder might target.

But telling my officers which direction to face is micromanaging to a suspicious degree. Particularly when you're specifying that they should look AWAY from a fragile window and potential entry point.

What exactly is it you don't want them to see?

訳文 From: ジュリアン・メイフィールド <イーストポイント市警本部長>
To: ケリー・アクランド <TXファブリケーションズ>

Subject: ご要望について確認させていただきたい






原文 From: Antonia Szpunar
To: Kelly Ackland

Subject: Prankspasm. Prankspasm?

OK, I think we're ready for production on the Prankspasm. We managed to get around the grid's safety protocols by remotely ramping down the voltage at the time of connection, then cranking it back up when the mains socket is activated.

My only question is: why would anyone actually want this? As far as I can see it could only ever be used to cause nasty accidents by passing a dangerous voltage through objects that are normally safe. What kind of client needs that?

And did they pick the name?

訳文 From: アントニア・スプーナー
To: ケリー・アクランド

Subject: プランクスパズム、ってどういうネーミングだよ?


一つだけ質問なんだが、こんなものを何に使うつもりなんだ? 本来なら何の危険もないはずのものに高電圧をかけて、予想もできないような事故を起こすくらいしか使い道はないと思うんだが。どういうクライアントが欲しがってるんだ?



原文 From: Kelly Ackland
To: Julian Mayfield

Subject: Sunday

Obviously everyone here feels terrible about what happened on Sunday. I'm told Handley was a good officer and it was a bad, weird way to go.

As you know our work here is highly experimental, and it looks like one of our active projects is capable of interfering with the internal electronics of Rooke and Intex firearms. We can't discuss details of course, but it does appear to have been an accident, and I believe the surviving officer is blameless.

That said, your suggestion that we might be using your officers as guinea pigs for untested field tech is way off.

Kelly Ackland
訳文 From: ケリー・アクランド
To: ジュリアン・メイフィールド

Subject: 日曜日の件





原文 From: Julian Mayfield
To: Kelly Ackland

Subject: Flawed arrangements

While I realise it's my officers' responsibility to keep your facilities secure, but it's becoming increasingly hard to accept that you've given us all the information we need to protect your company.

Are you genuinely, honestly baffled as to why three different agents have arrived at your Riley Street facility through your private subway stations, and proceeded to hold each of my officers at gunpoint until they escape?

And if so, why do you keep insisting they guard those specific positions, when there's clearly a serious flaw in that setup?

訳文 From: ジュリアン・メイフィールド
To: ケリー・アクランド

Subject: 穴だらけの警備を続けさせる理由は何だ?





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